Are you ready to upgrade your home’s windows?

Living in an older house brings with it a great many benefits, and chief among them perhaps is the opportunity to have a home that’s rich in character. Many older properties include some wonderfully iconic features, such as inglenook fireplaces, timber panelling and stone flooring. These can serve as the focus of attention for all visitors, and we rarely see them at all in modern homes.

Another of the more eye-catching features can be the windows. In every given room, they could offer moulded wooden frames, heritage-style handles and single panes of original glass. They are attractive, they are distinctive, and they can be inspiring…. but are they practical? Well, in most instances, the short answer to that question is a very emphatic no.

Old-style wooden windows, beautiful as they are, can also be extremely draughty. In the winter months, they can make even the cosiest of rooms seem cold and unwelcoming. And given the fact that energy bills seem to be constantly on the increase recently, the financial implications of a draughty room, or indeed an entire draughty house, should never be underestimated.

Your rattling panes will only rattle more in the coming years

It should also be noted that single panes of glass in an old wooden frame are nowhere near as strong as they perhaps should be. Loose panes will only become looser over a period of years, due to the opening and closing of windows and of course strong winds. And it’s all too apparent that the draughts your home is suffering from right now will only get worse in the coming years.

No wonder, therefore, so many homeowners are making the switch to uPVC windows and doors these days. There are so many benefits to this material. It’s extremely robust, for example, and able to withstand various extreme weather conditions for many years. This can be a particular advantage for people who live in properties that are exposed to the elements more often.

And brand new uPVC windows help to greatly improve the insulation qualities of any given room. They can create a close seal, far closer than older wooden windows will be able to do, and in the process will help to reduce the home’s spending on domestic energy. The initial investment on replacement uPVC windows will therefore soon start to show a noticeable return.

Not much need for maintenance with your new windows

In the years to come, the homeowner will also notice another benefit; uPVC windows require very little in the way of ongoing maintenance. Wooden window frames would need painting, and possibly varnishing, every few years, but with uPVC that won’t be necessary. This can be particularly good news for people who don’t like spending time on upkeep of their properties, or those who are currently on a tight budget

And as an added bonus, new uPVC windows can be extremely easy to keep clean. Most substances, such as bird droppings, tree sap and stagnant water, can be removed simply with a damp cloth and some warm, soapy water. Even if the windows are not overly easy to reach, such as those on upper floors and on skylights, they can be accessed easily by specialist cleaning apparatus.

If you ask most people about the colour of uPVC windows and doors, the chances are they will just mention white. This is understandable, because in most instances this is the colour we see. But these days more and more people are branching out with their design ideas, and the good news for them is that a wide variety of other shades are available. They include grey, cream, green and black. There are also various wood effects on the market, such as oak and rosewood.

Is it time to upgrade your windows right now?

Here at A-Class Glass and Joinery, we supply and install brand new uPVC windows and doors for commercial and residential properties all over Scotland. Our services help home and business owners to upgrade their buildings quickly and effectively, creating beautiful windows and reducing energy bills in the process. If you are thinking of a window upgrade at this moment, we would love to hear from you.

Our experts can help you with whatever you need, from a single window to en entire set for the entire building. The team has all the experience and skill that you need, and we can offer a price that’s more than affordable. To find out more about our windows and doors, all you need to do is phone 01382 792 044 or email the team at We loom forward to hearing from you soon. You never know, this could be the most sensible decision you could possibly make at the moment.