The many plus points of a glass balustrade

There are many ways to improve the indoor environment of a public building, such as a hotel foyer, the reception room of a medical facility or the entrance hallway in a health club. Making improvements of any kind will enhance the customer experience, often in a dramatic way, and could conceivably increase the chances of people coming back time and time again. Glass balustrades are a popular choice with building owners these days, and here are a few reasons why.

  • Add a touch of modern elegance

Upgrading any interior area that the public uses will give it a new lease of life, especially if you are looking to make the space look more modern. Glass balustrades represent a lovely contemporary touch that can enhance the whole feel of the place, adding a sleek and stylish look that will always get the building noticed. And in domestic homes, they can look particularly appealing to potential buyers as well.

  • Your new installation will be long-lasting

In addition to enhancing the overall look, it’s worth noting that glass balustrades are durable, tough and built to last a long time. The glass that’s used in them is of a strong grade that can withstand almost anything, and of course glass rarely ages in any way. Wooden balustrades are prone to unwanted attention from pests, and need repainting from time to time. This isn’t the case with glass at all.

  • What’s not to love about a wipe-clean surface?

Many other materials are somewhat difficult to keep clean, but with glass it’s so easy to keep your balustrades looking brand new all the time. Use a good quality glass cleaner and a soft cloth, and you can have it looking at its very best in no time. Even after several years, you can still give your glass balustrades a finish that makes them look as though they have only just been installed.

  • Let the light pour in

Commercial receptions, foyers and entrance halls look so much more welcoming when they are light, bright and airy. With large windows and strategically placed glass balustrades, you can have plenty of daylight from first thing in the morning right through to dusk. Your customers will be happier, and as an added bonus your employees will be working in an area that encourages motivation.

  • Creating a more spacious area

With glass balustrades, you will be able to enhance the illusion of space, even in a relatively small area. Metal, wood or chrome balustrades look nice, of course, but they have the ability to make space feel more constricted. With glass, clear glass in particular, your visitors will feel that they are in a room that’s larger than it really is. Anything that makes the area feel more inviting surely has to be taken seriously.

  • You won’t lose anything in the way of functionality

Of course, if you choose glass for the balustrade rather than any other material, you will have all the above benefits, but you will still have all the functionality you need. Glass balustrades still provide the same purposes as ones made from wood, for example. The main difference will be the aesthetic aspect. A public area that’s just as practical, just as well laid-out and just as organised can be yours, but it can also be one that’s incredibly attractive to all who visit.

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