Emergency Call-outs

Company owners and managers know that the success of their business relies on being able to offer products and services to their consumers, and that this needs to be done with a minimum of disruption. Customers and do go elsewhere when a supplier suffers from downtime, so it’s vital to keep disruptions at bay. If the worst should happen to your organisation, who will you be turning to?

Here at A-Class Glass and Joinery, we offer a fast, effective emergency call-out option for when businesses have issues with their glazing or joinery needs. If you have a retail unit with a broken storefront window, for example, you need someone in a hurry, and that someone needs to be skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and speedy, especially if you can’t open before a fix is implemented.

In all business sectors, time is money, and therefore you can’t afford to be waiting around for someone who isn’t in any particular hurry. If your usual emergency repairers seem to treat you more like a number and less like a person, it’s perhaps time for a change. Give the current economic climate, can you really afford to take chances with something as important as this?

Fast response, superb repairs, excellent service

Whether you have broken windows in your store, a damaged entrance door in your office building or a malfunctioning fire exit door in your workshop, something needs to be done quickly and effectively. And as a busy owner or manager, you don’t have time for procrastination. All you want to do is make one phone call and leave things to the experts. This is where A-Class comes in.

We cover a wide area right across Scotland, and many of our customers have been with us for many years. They know all about the quality of our workmanship, the speed of our response and the reliability of our repairs. We have offices in Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, so we can be on site in no time at all.

If you would like to hear more about why A-Class Glass and Joinery should be your go-to emergency repair specialist, why not get in touch with the team today. All you need to do is call us on 01382 792 044, or if you prefer to write we can be reached at info@a-classglassandjoinery.com. Maybe, just maybe, this is the call you should have made years ago.

A - Class Glass & Joinery

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