Commercial Fire Glass

Every commercial building, irrespective of its purpose, needs to offer as much protection to its occupants as possible. These can include employees, visitors, customers, clients and service users, and the duty of care for them falls to the responsible individuals as well as the company in charge. Needless to say, cutting corners on fire safety should never be an acceptable strategy.

One of the most effective ways of safeguarding people is with the incorporation of fire-rated glass, a product that has been designed to provide a period of protection against the worst fire-related scenarios. This can serve as a more than useful barrier between the smoke or flames and the occupants. The delay in the fire’s development can of course therefore save lives.

Every manager and owner naturally hopes that a fire will never become a reality, but clearly these can and do occur. If you haven’t taken all relevant steps to keep people as safe as possible, you are running a very serious risk. Various types of fire glass are available, with classifications covering integrity, radiation control and insulation, and different ratings of timespans for keeping fires contained.

Top quality fire protection for all types of premises

Fire glass plays a hugely important role in protecting public buildings such as schools, hospitals, town halls, sports facilities, offices and of course commercial retail units. It can be an integral feature in fire doors, emergency exits and fire screens, and it can be configured to specifically match your requirements. The more fire glass you have incorporated in your premises, the more consistent your levels of protection can be.

No matter what type of premises you have, the team at A-Class Glass and Joinery can help you to increase its fire-readiness. Whether it’s a retail store in the high street, a workshop on a business park or an office building in the city centre, you’ll want to have the specialists on your side at all times. We have the experience, the know-how and the attention to detail that you and your business needs.

We can advise on which products can best suit the layout of your premises, whether it’s a stand-alone single building or a highly complex facility with many entrances and exits to take into consideration. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge, we can help you create the safest possible environment for everyone involved. With issues like fire safety, engaging the services of people who are really in the know is a must.

We work for domestic and commercial customers right across Scotland, and we know that our reputation for excellence has been achieved by sheer hard work. A-Class Glass and Joinery provide a friendly and collaborative approach, we offer reliable timelines designed with the needs of your business in mind and our pricing structure is fair and affordable.

To find out why you should be talking to the experts at A-Class, just get in touch today. We can be contacted on 01382 792 044 or via email at We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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