Reactive Glazing

We all like to feel as comfortable as possible wherever we happen to be, and this is one of the reasons why so many commercial premises are incorporating reactive glass in their designs these days. Whether you are in a shop, a bank, a hotel reception, a health club foyer or a car showroom, the installation of solar control glass will have made the surroundings far more pleasant for you than traditional glass.

And as if the comfort wasn’t enough, there are also significant energy savings to be made for the building’s owners or managers. Reactive glazing allows sunlight in to the interior, but at the same time it can repel solar heat. It offers excellent insulation qualities, too, so the end result is a facility that will make your clients and customers want to spend more time in your building.

Of course, reactive glazing will also make a workplace far more comfortable for the employees. Every business needs to have workers who are happy in their surroundings, and this excellent addition can help to increase morale and raise production levels. In addition, the more pleasant the environment, the better your chances of employee retention are likely to be.

In periods of hot weather, many workplaces can become extremely uncomfortable, but with reactive glazing your windows will be able to keep solar radiation to a minimum and help to reduce glare at the same time. And when the winter season comes around, your windows will be able to handle solar control more effectively without compromising on the need for natural light.

All the glazing and joinery services you’ll ever need

Here at A-Class Glass and Joinery, we have been providing a full range of glazing and joinery services to commercial customers for years, and we can do the same for your business, too. Whether you’re looking for reactive glazing for a single window or for a whole building, we should be your first port of call. We also offer all the support services you will ever need, including emergency call-outs and board-ups.

We work right across the Scotland region, and we have offices in Dundee, Edinburgh and Manchester. A-Class have a reputation for offering the very best services for fair, affordable prices. We’re open and honest in our dealings, and we provide both quotes and timelines you can rely on. We never forget that the success of your business can sometimes be dependent on the efficiency of your service providers.

To find out more about how A-Class Glass and Joinery can help your business, all it takes is a single conversation. Just pick up the phone and call 01382 792 044, or if you prefer to write you can email us at We hope we get to hear from you soon.

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