Bespoke Wardrobes

In bedrooms of all shapes and sizes, wardrobes can serve so many useful functions. They can help to keep clothing and shoes organised, of course, they can provide an attractive focal point for the room and they can keep everything from jewellery and accessories to cosmetics and paperwork well out of sight. A wardrobe, in effect, is so much more than a place for hanging your shirts.

And while there is a huge range of wardrobes available from high street stores and from online retailers on the web, why would you choose to have one that looks just like the ones in everyone else’s bedroom? There’s already far too much uniformity in our lives these days, so surely this should be seen as a golden opportunity to stamp your personality on the most personal and intimate room in the whole house.

The good news is that the experts at A-Class Glass and Joinery can create achingly beautiful and immensely practical bespoke wardrobes that will truly enhance the room from the very beginning. Designed and created to your own personal specifications, they can be incorporated into any available space, even in rooms that appear to have an awkward or unconventional shape.

In addition, one of the many benefits of having bespoke wardrobes is the sheer versatility of the interior. For example, it you want more hanging space, or extra drawers, or a series of shelves designed specifically for your own personal requirements, we can make it happen. This is your chance to finally have your storage options, your configurations and your individuality.

Bespoke wardrobes in the bedroom represent another chance to move away from the tired, formulaic normality that too many of us have come to accept in our lives. If you already drive the same car, eat the same food and sit on the same sofa as everyone else in your street, you can break the norm by having tailor-made wardrobes that are fully in keeping with your lifestyle, your vision and your taste.

Abandon the ordinary and embrace the unique

It’s worth noting that there’s no such thing as a template when you have your own wardrobes designed and supplied by A-Class Glass and Joinery. If you want shelves that are a metre-wide or two metres-wide, for example, that’s what you can have. Take your pick from a choice of woods, an endless variety of spatial configurations and the finest handles, hinges and locks.

You can choose built-in, free-standing, walk-in and more. You can have sliding or conventionally opening doors. You can have mirrors inside or outside. You can have any of a range of finishes. It really is so freeing to be able to choose a wardrobe that begins with a blank piece of paper and a few ideas. Our skilled and experienced professionals can help you to create something very special indeed.

Here at A-Class Glass and Joinery, we have worked on a wide range of domestic and commercial projects over the years, and we are understandably proud of the reputation that we have nurtured along the way. We have offices in Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, and we work for homes and business locations right across the Scotland region. If you’re currently looking  for tried and trusted specialists offering the best services for the fairest prices, then look no further.

Bespoke wardrobe projects are for many people a highly prized luxury, and as a result you should never compromise with your choice of joinery professional. We can help you through every stage of the process, from design and collaboration right through to that wonderful moment when you get to use the finished article. To find out more about our services, all you need to do is contact our team. Just call 01382 792 044 or send us an email to We look forward to chatting with you soon, and to helping you achieve your dream wardrobe

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