Sash and Case Window Repairs and Maintenance

Whether in a residential home, an office building or a retail outlet, the way the property looks to the eye of the beholder is of paramount importance. We all want our homes and workplaces to impress friends, visitors and clients, so we tend to do all we can to make the place stand out from the rest. And there are plenty of ways to beautify every type of room in every type of building.

Sash and case windows have become increasingly popular again in recent times, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they bring a timeless elegance and an iconic nod to the past, but they also offer extremely good security. This type of window was a very common sight back in Victorian times, and they have been making a powerful comeback for many years recently.

As many of them are now rather old, it’s not surprising to hear that reactive and planned maintenance can be a necessity at times. This could involve little more than a coat of paint or varnish, or perhaps a thorough clean, but equally it could entail the replacement of various sections of the window. Thankfully, skilled and experienced professionals are to be found right here at A-Class Glass and Joinery.

And it’s worth noting that even in the oldest properties it’s still possible to carry out effective repairs on sash and case windows. Usually, these windows were made from a high quality timber that was intended to last for many years. The basic build of the window is likely to still be very good, although repairs will often be needed to improve its draughtproofing qualities.

Keeping history alive

Here at A-Class Glass and Joinery, we can offer a comprehensive range of repair services for sash and case windows, including replacement of rotten wooden frames, repairs to sash cords and spring balances and replacement of broken glass panes. We take great care on older windows, in order to preserve their character and ensure their overall look. Many of our customers have come to us convinced that the whole window needed replacement, but this hasn’t always proved to be the case.

Our specialists have worked on heritage windows in properties right across Scotland, and during that time we’ve built an enviable reputation for excellent workmanship. We know that sash and case windows often play an integral role in the look of the property, and as a result they have a special part in the owners’ hearts. This is one of those times when the experts you call in really need to understand the importance of the project.

To find out more about sash and case window repairs and maintenance from A-Class Glass and Joinery, all you have to do is get in touch. We have offices in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh so please call in, or you can contact us on 01382 792 044 or at We hope to talk with you very soon, and to explain why we should be your go-to specialists.

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