Timber Windows

There are many ways to make a domestic or commercial property look more appealing to the eye, but few of them are as iconic or as characterful as the addition of timber windows. In a world in which more and more people have made the switch to uPVC, it’s pleasing to see that some have decided to remain loyal to the traditional, and you can do exactly the same with our help.

The benefits of uPVC windows and doors are clear, of course, but there’s no denying the way that real wood can enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes, workplaces, stores, showrooms, offices and factories. Whether you prefer sash or casement windows, you can have the very best designed, supplied and installed by our skilled, experienced team of specialists.

A-Class Glass and Joinery offer an excellent range of both traditional and modern designs, giving you windows that are not only beautiful, but also energy-efficient. Made to order timber windows look just as glorious to the visitor, but don’t have the drawbacks that original windows have, such as being draughty in the winter months and in need of constant maintenance.

And timber windows these days can offer single, double and even triple glazing, so you know your home or workplace can have the very best in insulation as well as in design. This is a hugely important issue these days, of course, so it’s reassuring to know your property can benefit from eye-catching windows without having to compromise on safety, security or energy-efficiency.

Timber windows work well in commercial properties as well

As well as installing timber windows in residential homes, our specialists have worked on a number of restoration and renovation projects in the commercial sector, and we continue to enhance the reputation we have built for exceptional workmanship. Timber windows offer our business customers a chance to upgrade their premises and add an elegant flourish to both the interior and the exterior.

Over the years, A-Class Glass and Joinery have been the go-to professionals for customers based all over Scotland. We have offices in Dundee, Edinburgh and Aberdeen, and if you have a project in mind and you need to engage the services of the very best, we would like to hear from you.

To find out more about the difference that A-Class Glass and Joinery can make, all you need to do is get in touch. For a no obligation chat, just pick up the phone and call 01382 792 044 today, or if you prefer to write, simply drop us a line at info@a-classglassandjoinery.com instead. You may have once thought that timber windows for your property were little more than a distant dream, but with our help they can become a highly attractive reality.

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