Bespoke Mirrors

In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend away from the functional and towards the stylish, with more and more people looking to add their own personal touches to room design. Giving a room – any room – a unique and aesthetically pleasing transformation is always enjoyable, and of course it can also be extremely rewarding.

One of the best ways to add an elegant touch to a living space is via the addition of a bespoke mirror, and there are various ways in which a mirror can add something special to the overall design. It can give the room a more spacious look, for example, it can make the whole area appear more cheerful, it can create an attractive focal point and it can reflect a picture window to bring the outdoors inside.

But once you’ve decided to do the sensible thing and add mirrors to your room design, which type are you going to choose? By ordering bespoke mirrors from A-Class Glass and Joinery, you can have the exact look, the perfect size and the ideal shape, manufactured to the highest standards and installed by experienced and reliable specialists.

With bespoke mirrors, you have some intriguing choices to make. They include the thickness of the mirrors themselves, and thanks to our expertise they can be cut, shaped, drilled and polished to create the exact effect that you’re going for. These are made to measure mirrors designed for everything from small, cosy alcoves to large, expansive wall spaces.

So many opportunities to make a personal statement

Thanks to our bespoke mirror service, the options are almost limitless. Mirrors can be modern, sleek and contemporary, they can be ornate, elegant and traditional, or they could perhaps be stylish, iconic and pleasingly art deco. No matter which room you are looking to transform or which particular style you prefer, our experienced specialists can bring your vision to reality.

There’s nothing wrong, of course, with buying a mass-produced mirror in a high street store and hanging it in your home. But why choose to have the exact same mirror as your friends and neighbours? With a bespoke mirror from A-Class Glass and Joinery, you have the opportunity to make a bold personal statement, and to stamp your own personality on the overall look of the home.

We provide the finest glazing and joinery services for domestic and commercial customers throughout Scotland, and we can supply and install the perfect mirror for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or anywhere else. We also supply and fit bespoke mirrors for business clients looking to transform bathrooms, kitchens, reception areas and communal spaces.

Our team is ready and waiting to discuss the options you have for bespoke mirrors, and we look forward to helping you along the way. To find out more, simply call 01382 792 044 or drop us a line at if you prefer to write. A-Class Glass and Joinery really should be your number one choice when you’re looking for bespoke mirrors.

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