Double Glazing

There are so many good reasons to consider double glazing, both in residential homes and at workplace locations. Traditional wooden window frames with single glazing may have character, especially in older properties, but in practical terms they have a number of disadvantages. Thankfully, making the switch to a more modern, more user-friendly alternative is easy.

Perhaps the most noticeable advantage of double glazed windows is the comfort inside the property. Homes tend to be warmer in the winter, for example, thanks to their ability to capture natural heat. They’re also cooler in the summer, when they trap some of the sun’s rays. In addition, double glazed windows offer extremely good noise protection, crucial if you live on a busy road.

With improvements in insulation, homes with double glazing tend to have lower heating bills than those with traditional windows. This will result in financial savings, of course, and a lessened carbon footprint. As a general rule for both home and business owners, double gazing is estimated to create double the levels of insulation when compared to a single glazing unit.

High in quality, low in maintenance

It’s also worth noting that modern uPVC double glazing units tend to be almost completely maintenance-free. They need very little in the way of cleaning, and unlike wooden window frames they won’t need to be sanded and painted every few years. Most of the time, all they’ll need is a clean with a soft cloth and soapy water, and perhaps a little lubricant on the handles and hinges every once in a while.

Whether you have a flat, a house or perhaps a work premises, you need to consider all the benefits of an attractive, practical double glazing installation. Here at A-Class Glass and Joinery, we’ve been working with home and business owners for many years on high quality double glazing projects, and we know how to get the job done on time, in full and with a minimum of fuss. And all for a cost that’s surprisingly affordable.

For the very best in uPVC windows and doors from experienced specialists that you can trust, the only name you need is A-Class Glass and Joinery. We cover areas right across Scotland, so get in touch with the team today. All it takes is an email to or a call to 01382 792 044. We hope to be hearing from you very soon.

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