Glass Balustrades

Whether you’re redesigning a room in your home, fitting out a new shop or perhaps changing the overall look of a reception area in a public space, you will doubtless be considering a number of options before settling on a particular plan of action. For a growing number of home and business owners these days, the addition of a glass balustrade is a particularly intriguing prospect.

Glass balustrades serve a convenient and practical dual purpose, of course. They can act as a useful barrier on decking, beside a staircase or in a partitioning system, but they can also add an elegant, aesthetically-pleasing focal point that brings an attractive contemporary look to any area. If you’re thinking about glass balustrades for your next project, you’ll be pleased to know there are a number of options open to you.

Interior and exterior glass balustrades can include supporting posts or can be stand-alone, for example, and there are various types of glass available, too, including clear, satin, tinted and more. Balustrades can be framed or frameless, and there are plenty of choices when it comes to clamps, handrails and posts. Even curved glass can be incorporated. Therefore, a balustrade system can be as individual as you are.

Turning your ideas into something very special

Whatever your vision may be, the professionals at A-Class Glass and Joinery can turn it into an eye-catching reality. We use only high quality products and components, and we have the experience and know-how to make sure the whole project runs smoothly, on time and within budget. And of course, we’ll work with you throughout, keeping you fully in the picture from start to finish.

The process is simple and stress-free, just choose the overall design, the type of glass, the shape and dimensions, your preferred handrails and adaptors, then we’ll take things from there. For our domestic and commercial customers, everything is stress-free; this is one of the reasons why so many people come back to A-Class Glass and Joinery time and time again.

For many new customers, we realise it’s not always easy to make contact with design and installation specialists, and that’s why we work extra hard to make everyone welcome. Our friendly, collaborative approach lends itself perfectly to newcomers, and enables us to build trust from the very beginning. We understand how vital this is when professionals are working in your home or place of business.

To find out why A-Class Glass and Joinery should be your number one choice for glass balustrades, all it takes is a single phone call. Just call 01382 792 044 today, or if you prefer to write please drop us a line at We hope you’ll be contacting the team soon.

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