UPVC Window and Door Repairs

As a general rule, uPVC windows and doors are extremely durable, and tend to last for many years with little or no need for any major maintenance. However, sometimes things can and do go wrong, of course, perhaps accidentally and perhaps as a result of wear and tear, or even wilful criminal damage. Whatever the reasons may be, it’s advisable to call on the experts to perform effective and reliable repairs.

In homes and commercial properties, a damaged window or door can look extremely unattractive, and it can also represent something of an invitation to criminals or vandals. The sooner the issue is taken care of, the better things will be. Here at A-Class Glass and Joinery, we have a team of experienced specialists who can carry out the repairs you need quickly, efficiently and for a fair, affordable price.

Another sensible reason to call in the experts if you have damaged windows is the potential impact on your energy bills. Windows and doors that aren’t as airtight as they should be will inevitably lead to draughts, and in cold weather will place more stress on your heating system. To make sure you keep your energy spending in check, you should be talking to the A-Class team.

So many good reasons to choose uPVC

More and more architects and builders are choosing uPVC for their doors and windows these days, and it’s easy to see why. uPVC has impressive weather-resistance qualities, it doesn’t biodegrade, it’s low maintenance and it can take knocks without losing its structural integrity. And in homes as well as business locations, it has what estate agents like to call ‘kerb appeal’.

If your uPVC windows or doors have become damaged in any way, you need to make sure your repairers have the skills and experience that the job demands. A-Class can deal with cracks in doors, for example, and can take care of repairs to your window’s sill, frame, handles, hinges and glass. Restoring your property back to its former glory is easy when you engage the services of the professionals.

If you would like to find out more about our uPVC window and door repairs, just contact the team at A-Class Glass and Joinery today. We can be contacted on 01382 792 044 or you can write to us at info@a-classglassandjoinery.com instead. We hope that we can talk with you very soon.

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